Ecofrec™ TF 37

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Technical Data Sheet    

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ECOFREC™ TF37 & ECOFREC™ TF37I are tacky flux designed for soldering and rework of traditional components and SMDs. Tacky fluxes ECOFREC™ TF37 & ECOFREC™ TF37I allow metal-free soldering of SMDs on PCBs, the PCBs' solder pads being covered by about 100 microns of metal solid solder deposit (SSD technology such as SIPAD etc). Designed for this technology, ECOFREC™ TF37 & ECOFREC™ TF37I exhibit good printing behavior.


Color Amber

In water: Not soluble

In alcohol: Soluble

Classification according ANSI/J-STD-004 ROL0
Halogen % 0
Density at 20°C 1

Viscosity at 20°C Pa.s 

(Measured on BROOKFIELD RVT viscosimeter with Mobile F HELIPATH system, at 5 rpm)

300 - 500


Tacky Fluxes ECOFREC™ TF37 & ECOFREC™ TF37 are high viscosity fluxes made of complex blending of resins, activators and solvents. After soldering, flux residues remaining on the PCB are non-aggressive and not liable to corrosion. PCB cleaning is thus unnecessary. 

Storage & Shelf Life 

Tacky Fluxes ECOFREC™ TF37 & ECOFREC™ TF37 must be stored in a cool area (between 5° and 30°). Shelf life is 18 months.