AMTECH Solder Spheres Sn63/Pb37

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Technical Data Sheet 

For safety Datasheet please connect to Safety Data Sheet 

AMTECH Sn63/Pb37 BGA Solder Spheres are manufactured from virgin materials to meet or exceed the requirements of building or repairing BGA packages. AMTECH spheres also exceed both IPC and MIL standards for purity levels and size tolerances. Normal sizes are from 3 mil to 35 mil and custom solder sphere sizes are available upon request. Other alloys are available upon request. 

Data Table 

Element Inspect to (% wt) Element Inspect to (% wt) Element Inspect to (% wt)
Sn 62.5-63.5
Al 0.001 Max Cu 0.5 Max
Pb Balance
As 0.03 Max Fe 0.02 Max
Sb 0.05 Max Bi 0.03 Max Zn 0.001 Max
Cd 0.002 Max
Ni 0.1 Max Ge ND

Storage & Handling Procedures

Clean and dry environments are required for storage of solder spheres. Probing of solder spheres in containers with fingers or other implements can damage the solder spheres by changing the shape, scoring the surface or contaminating the surface by skin oils. Shelf life of all solder spheres, stored in sealed ESD containers that are not agitated, is one year. 


250K pcs./Bottle