AMTECH LF-4300.2 SAC305 T3 88.5%

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Technical Data Sheet 

Safety Data Sheet 


Product Highlights

  • REM1 flux classification in a Water Washable Solder Paste 
  • Resists moisture absorption and humidity for up  to 16 hours, helps prevent slumping, tombstoning, microballing, and “head and pillow”
  • 24-hour stencil/tack life 
  • Flux residues are clear, easy-to-clean, and compatible with batch cleaning systems 
  • Exceptional print definition at high printing speeds up to 100mm/sec 
  • Low voiding, including LGA components
  • RoHS II and REACH compliant 
  • Compatible with enclosed print heads 
  • Print and dispense grade solder paste available

Available Alloys

Alloy Temp °C Temp °F
42Sn/58Bi 138 280
42Sn/57.6Bi/0.4Ag 139-140 282-284
96.5Sn/3.0Ag/0.5Cu 217-220 423-428
99.0Sn/0.3Ag/0.7Cu 217-221 423-430
96.5Sn/3.5Ag 221 430
99.3Sn/0.7Cu 227 441
95Sn/5Sb 235-240 455-464
95Sn/5Ag 221-245 430-473

Test Results

Test J-STD-004 or other requirements (as stated) Test Requirement Result
Copper Mirror
IPC-TM-650: 2.3.32 M: <50% breakthrough
IPC-TM-650: 2.6.15 M: Mirror corrosion (uncleaned)
Quantitative Halides
M: ≥0.05 and <0.5%
Electrochemical Migration
L: <1 decade drop (cleaned)
Surface Insulation Resistance 40 °C, 90% RH @ 168 Hours
IPC-TM-650: L:  ≥100MΩ (cleaned)
Tack Value (initial/24 hrs)
IPC-TM-650: 2.4.44 40g
Viscosity - Malcom @ 10 RPM/25 °C

Print: 160-210

Dispensing: 80-115

IPC-TM-650: Clear and free from precipitation
Conflict Minerals Compliance Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Compliant
REACH Compliance Articles 33 and 67 of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 Contains no substance >0.1% w/w that is listed as a SVHC or restricted for use in solder materials

Printer Operation

The following are general guidelines for stencil printer optimization with LF-4300.2. Some adjustments may be necessary based on your process requirements. 

Print Speed: 25-100 mm/sec 
Squeegee Pressure: 70-250g/cm of blade 
Under Stencil Wipe: Once every 10-25 prints, or as necessary

Amtech Low Oxide Powder Distribution

Micron Size Type Pitch Requirements
45-75 Type-2
24 mil and above
25-45 Type-3
16-24 mil
12-16 mil
8-12 mil
5-8 mil
< 5 mil

Stencil Life 

> 16 hours @ 30-45% RH and 20-25 °C, 24 hrs
~ 8 hours @ 45-75% RH and 20-25 °C, ~8 hrs


LF-4300.2 can be cleaned using deionized water at 40-60°C with a recommended water pressure of 30-50 PSI. LF-4300.2 can also be cleaned using flux residue removers such as Inventec Disper 607 and Disper 610.


Solder paste should be stored between 3-8 °C (37-46 °F) to obtain the maximum refrigerated shelf life of twelve months. Unopened solder paste stored at room temperature, 25 °C (77 °F) will have a one-month shelf life. Syringes and cartridges should be stored vertically in the refrigerator with the dispensing tip down. Allow 4-8 hours for solder paste to reach an operating temperature of 20-25 °C  (68-77 °F). Keep the solder paste container sealed while warming the solder paste to operating temperature. NEVER FREEZE SOLDER PASTE.

Recommended Profile

This profile is designed to serve as a starting point for process optimization using LF-4300.2. To achieve better results with voiding or to reduce tombstoning,  consider using a longer soaking zone, (170-220 °C) for 60-90 seconds, with a rapid pre-heat stage. If there is evidence of solder de-wetting, consider lowering the peak reflow temperature, or reduce the time above liquidus to <90 seconds.